FAAC Share N465bn to Tiers, CBN Releases $370mn Forex Intervention as Dollar Hits N520

February 21, 2017

Latest reports in PRNigeria and Economic Confidential

FAAC Shares N465bn to FG, States, LGS for January 2017

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/faac-shares-n465bn-jan-2017/

Forex Intervention: CBN Releases $370mn

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/forex-cbn-releases-370mn/

Nigeria Won’t Apply for IMF loan- Finance Minister

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/imf-loan-not-adeosun/

Naira Hits 520/dollar, Forex Retailers Examine CBN Action

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/naira-520dollar-cbn-action/

NNPC Explains Non- Remittance of N23.4bn NESS Fees

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/nnpc-non-remittance-ness/

Again, Kaduna Security Council Imposes 24-Hour Curfew In Jema’a and Kaura LGAs

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/kaduna-imposes-24-hour-curfew/

No N250m provision for VP’s Gate-house in 2017 Budget

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/no-n250m-provision-vps-gate-house-2017-budget/

ISS Seeks Collaboration with DHQ on Capacity Building

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/iss-seeks-colloboration-dhq/

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CBN Releases New Forex Policy as Aviation Fuel Shoots to N280/Litre

February 20, 2017

Latest reports in PRNigeria and Economic Confidential

CBN Releases New Forex Policy Actions

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/cbn-new-forex-policy/

Aviation Fuel Shoots to N280/Litre

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/aviation-fuel-n280litre/

Xenophobic Attacks: Dabiri-Erewa Seeks Intervention of African Union

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/dabiri-seeks-au-intervention/

US Shale Oil Producers Drag Down Oil Prices

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/us-shale-oilprices/

Naira Depreciation: How Stock Exchange Shrinks by $15bn

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/naira-stock-exchange-shrinks/

JAMB Receives 11. 7m Applications in 6 Years – NBS

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/jamb-11-7m-6-years-nbs/

PenCom Seeks N10.03bn to Pay Minimum Pension

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/pencom-minimum-pension/

Niger Probes N4.4bn Bail Out Funds to LGAs

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/niger-probes-bail-funds/

Lawmaker Commends Army on Defeat of Boko Haram

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/lawmaker-commends-army/

Trump Rally: Army Didn’t Kill IPOB Members in Port-Harcourt

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/army-didnt-kill-ipob/

Army Warns Disloyal, Disgruntled Elements

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/army-warns-disgruntled-elements/

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Whare are the advocates of religious war

February 20, 2017

Whare are the advocates of religious wars? Saudia Arabia has now united with Israel to fight Iran… A Muslim should practice Islam based on Quranic teachings and Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Sunni vs Shiate is mere proxy war: http://ow.ly/TM13309b85Z

CBN Clears the Air on Forex as NAF Neutralises Boko Haram after Attacks on Helicopter

February 16, 2017

Latest reports in PRNigeria and Economic Confidential

NAF Neutralises Boko Haram Terrorists after Attacks on Helicopter

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/naf-neutralises-boko-haram/

Operation Delta Safe Gets New Spokesperson

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/delta-safe-spokesperson/

NSCDC Denies Recruitment and Replacement Exercise

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/nscdc-denies-replacement-exercise/

CBN Clears the Air on Forex Sale

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/cbn-clears-air-forex-sale/

FG Suspends Cattle Transport by Rail

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fg-suspends-cattle-rail/

Mobile Phone Prices Jump by 100%

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/mobile-phone-prices-100/

Foreign Airlines to Manage Arik – AMCON

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/foreign-airlines-arik-amcon/

EU Grants €70m to Boost Primary Health

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/eu-grants-e70m-health/

Forex Utilization: CBN Disburses $2.83 bn in 2 Months

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/cbn-forex-utlisation/

YouWiN Connect Education Programme Takes Off

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/youwin-education-programme/

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Naira Exchanges at N510 to US$ at Black Market

February 15, 2017

Latest reports in the Economic Confidential

Naira Exchanges at N510/$ at Black Market

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/naira-exchanges-n510/

FG, NLC agree to review minimum wage

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fg-nlc-minimum-wage/

Cooking Price Rises By 35.28%, N5950.00 in January!

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/cooking-price-rises-january/

Inflation Refuses to Deflate, hits 18.72%

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/inflation-hits-18-72-january/

Oil Prices Fall on Concerns Over Iraq, US

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/oil-prices-fall-iraq/

FG to Establish $300m Agribusiness Loan Project for Youth Farmers

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fg-300m-agribusiness-loan/

Militancy Deprived Nigeria of $100bn in 2016 –Kachikwu

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/militancy-nigeria-loses-100bn/

Less Than One percent Fake Naira Notes in Circulation – CBN

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fake-naira-notes-circulation/

World Bank loan: FG Ready to Present Proposal

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/world-bank-loan-proposal/

FCT Moves To Eliminate Multiple Taxation in Abuja

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fct-eliminate-multiple-taxation/

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FG Nets N5.2trn from TSA as Court Orders Forfeiture of Yakubu’s $9.8m to FG

February 14, 2017

Latest reports in the Economic Confidential and PRNigeria

Federal Government Nets N5.24trn from TSA

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/fg-nets-n5-24trn-tsa/

Court Orders Forfeiture of Yakubu’s $9.8m to FG

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/court-orders-forfeiture-yakubus-9-8m-fg/

FG Suffers Setbacks in Charge Against Ex-NSA Aide, Security Consultants

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/fg-setbacks-ex-nsa-aide/

FG Targets N5tn from Asset Sales

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fg-n5tn-asset-sales/

Domestic Airlines Pay 40% of Ticket Revenue as Tax

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/domestic-airlines-40-revenue-tax/

NNPC to Import More Petrol

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/nnpc-import-petrol/

EFCC Docks FUTA VC, Bursar for N156m Fraud

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/efcc-docks-futa-vc-bursar/

N1.64bn Fraud: Court Dismisses Ex-Gov, Nyame’s No-Case Submission

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/court-nyames-no-case/

Track All Cattle Coming Into Nigeria- FCT Minister Urges Committee

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/track-cattle-coming-nigeria/

FG is not increasing taxes, Udoma tells National Assembly

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/fg-not-increasing-taxes/

How Ex-Chief of Air Staff, Umar Acquired Properties with NAF Funds – Witness

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/air-chief-umar-properties-naf/

Aisha Buhari rallies West African First Ladies on Plights of Female Refugees and children

Read: https://prnigeria.com/2017/02/aisha-west-african-first-ladies-refugee/

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President Trump of America promises Pres

February 13, 2017

President Trump of America promises President Buhari weapons to fight Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria: http://ow.ly/fbyi308XYfH

Trump Promises Buhari Weapons to Fight Boko Haram

February 13, 2017

Latest Reports in the Economic Confidential

Trump Promises Buhari Weapons to Fight Boko Haram

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/trump-buhari-weapons/

N6trn 2016 Budget: Non-Implementation Trails MDAs

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/budget-2016-mdas-implementation/

NOUN Student Enrolment Hits 254,000- Prof Abdalla Adamu

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/noun-student-enrolment/

FG Completes 1, 350 Houses for Allocation to Civil Servants

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/fish-programme-1350-houses-completed/

Dangote to Launch 25,000ha Rice Project in Sokoto

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/dangote-launch-25000ha-rice/

Arik Needs N10bn to Resume Full Operation –Management

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/arik-n10bn-operation-management/

NNPC Refinery Loses 2billion Naira to Illegal Tappers

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/nnpc-refinery-loses-tappers/


Nigeria Amidst Impending Food Shortage

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/nigeria-impending-food-shortage/

Can 2017 Budget End Recession?

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/2017-budget-end-recession/

Momodu Joof: Redefining Insurance in Nigeria

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/momodu-joof-insurance-nigeria/

Self-Censorship and Security Reports

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/self-censorship-security-reports/

NCC, Danbatta and Public Intellectualism

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/ncc-danbatta-public-intellectualism/

Support for Insurgents is a Crime Against Humanity- Gov Shettima

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/support-insurgents-crime-humanity-shettima/

Reforming the Nigerian Tax System

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/reforming-nigerian-tax-system/

Rann Airstrike and Humanitarian Efforts in the North-East

Read: http://economicconfidential.com/2017/02/rann-airstrike-humanitarian-efforts/

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In Economic Recession, States & LGS rece

February 6, 2017

In Economic Recession, States & LGS receive N2.6tr in 1yr. Lagos receives N178bn, Ebonyi N46bn.. Check other States: http://ow.ly/2FYF308Ipdh

Presidential directive for reinstatement

February 6, 2017

Presidential directive for reinstatement of Mrs Maryam who was wrongly disengaged from service, is yet to be obeyed: http://ow.ly/GX54308Inkh